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Welcome to Inner Pathfinder Creative Healing, your haven of hope and restoration. If you've been traveling a pathway clouded with anxiety, surrounded by the fog of overwhelm, or if your wellness journey has become a little stagnant, take solace in knowing you have found your sanctuary. My offerings - specialized in mental health services*, energy healing, integration coaching, and creative coaching - are professional supports and spiritual stepping stones designed uniquely for your journey towards tranquility and well-being. Together, we can venture through the mists of your challenges and uncover the radiant light of your inner strengths. Choose the path of healing and wellness today, let me be your support on this transformative journey.



Inner peace, balance and vibrancy, all with the support of a loving guide

Your healing journey with me begins with getting a deeper understanding of your unique needs, acknowledging that you are an individual with your distinct strengths and difficulties. We will cultivate this understanding through the utilization of expert mental health services*, coaching, energy healing and  highly personalised care, together unveiling the layers that may be hindering your natural vibrancy.

Altogether, your journey of healing with Inner Pathfinder Creative Healing is like entering a cocoon—somewhat confined and uncomfortable at first, but then, slowly and beautifully transforming. Layer by layer, you'll shed the weight of your past, your worries, your emotional burdens. And what will emerge is your authentic self, untouched and radiant, ready to take on the world with newfound strength and freedom.

Remember, every step you take in this journey carries hope, comfort, and encouragement, leading you back to the true essence of your being. Even if the journey seems challenging initially, know that with each passing moment, you're getting closer to your healing, closer to your ‘inner pathfinder.’

Your healing starts with a single step. So, step onto this path of transformation with me, and let yourself feel inspired to reclaim your true self and unearth your inherent joy and vibrancy.


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In all I do, my message is simple: You're not alone. Life can often feel like a stormy sea, but remember, every wave that crashes, eventually leads to calmer waters. You have the strength within you and the support around you with me. As a creative spirit and a beacon of non-judgmental support, my role is to journey alongside you. Navigating the path of wellness can often feel overwhelming, but it's crucial to remember that you don't have to tread this path alone. Whether you're seeking counselling*, energy healing, creative coaching, or integration coaching, I am here to provide the guidance you need.

* Please note counseling/mental health services are available virtually only for New York residents at this time.