Creativity, Compassion, Connection and Curiosity

Immerse yourself in the dance of creativity, compassion, connection, and curiosity, your guiding stars on your enlightening journey towards self-discovery and transformation.

Inner Pathfinder Creative Healing was birthed from a profound love for humanity and a strong conviction in my belief in our shared journey of discovery and growth. I cherish the magic that resides within each of us, the capacity for transformation that thrives in the soil of unconditional positive regard. It's my belief that we're interconnected in this grand symphony of life, our individual chords contributing to the collective harmony. We're in a perpetual state of learning, evolving, and teaching, each of us equipped with the power to uplift the other.

The seeds of Inner Pathfinder Creative Healing were sown in the fertile ground of my youth, a time when I had my auspicious encounter with the transformative power of art, play and dance. It was then that I first experienced the power creativity can bring, a firefly's glow in the darkest night, a beacon guiding one's path in times of distress. 

This revelation set me on my path as a healer, therapist and guide, rooting an unyielding desire within me to create a space for others to experience this transformative and inspiring journey.

Thus, Inner Pathfinder Creative Healing came into being, an atelier of the spirit, where barriers are overcome, strengths are discovered, and one's authentic self is reclaimed. This endeavour is more than just a vocation; it's a calling rooted in love, nurtured through empathy, and driven by the unflinching belief in the human spirit's resilience. Welcome to Inner Pathfinder Creative Healing, where your journey to self-discovery, healing, and transformation begins.

Buffy Curtis


Consulting, Counselling / Psychology / Mental Health, Creative Coaching, Integration Coaching, Spirituality

I, Buffy Curtis, LCAT-ATR-BC (licensed creative art therapist and registered, board certified art therapist), am licensed within New York State, registered and board certified nationally with the American Art Therapy Credentialing Board. I am trained in EMDR, and currently pursuing certification in psychedelic assisted therapy through the Vital program at Psychedelics Today. With a career in community support that spans over a decade since 2007, I have the skills to provide a wide range of support. I have an esteemed position as an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church and have a wealth of knowledge in energetic healing. I add color to my professional canvas with fabric arts and jewelry making. I’m an admirer of nature’s splendor and a proponent of joyfulness, I value a life that’s rich in play and laughter. I have an adventurous spirit and a grounded heart, come work with me today!

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