A Place to Express Gratitude

I would like to take this time to acknowledge the support and resources I have been able to access which have made the creation of this domain possible. To those webdesigners who helped guide me, to friends and family who provided feedback while it was in early development and to all the lives that came before me in this land that made it possible to have a home and all of the other resources I have used to create this space today. 

I believe giving credit is incredibly important, especially when others have shared their creations with us, and as such I would like to give credit to the artists whose work I have used on this web page at this time.

Photo by Yannis Papanastasopoulos on Unsplash Paintbrush Image

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash Tree with Light Image

Photo by Taelynn Christopher on Unsplash Paint on Canvas Image

Photo by Luz Mendoza on Unsplash Fresh Altar Image

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash Hand Holding Image and Cup of Coffee Image

Photo by petr sidorov on Unsplash Smoking Incense Image

Photo by Chris Lee on Unsplash Monstera Leafs