Step into the vibrant world of creative coaching where I will help you rekindle passion, foster inner connections, and counteract burnout. Creativity is not merely an expression; it's an invaluable tool for problem-solving, forming connections, and enhancing communication.

As a seasoned Art Therapist with over 15 years of rich experience kindling the sparks of creativity within individuals, you're in capable, nurturing hands. My mission is to facilitate your dance with creativity, breaking down the walls that may be impeding your creative expressions.

So gift yourself the inspiring journey of creative coaching. Allow your imagination to take flight, explore your creative potential, and discover new energies within. This is not just about creating art; it's about encouraging your inner artist to finally step into the limelight and shine.

Ready to begin? Get ready to awaken your innate creativity and allow it to illuminate your path. The world of creative coaching is waiting, ready to usher you into boundless possibilities.

Please note coaching services do not include diagnosis or clinical support for severe mental health concerns. Individuals may be referred to a licensed professional of a medical or mental health background if they are in need of clinically oriented care.

Buffy Curtis


Inner Pathfinder Creative Healing

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