Immerse yourself in the supportive embrace of our integration coaching services, designed to walk you gently yet firmly towards your most authentic self. I will provide compassionate accountability, acting as your companion on this journey of transformation. I will work to equip you with practical tools that you can utilize independently, ensuring that the work you do within our sessions extends into your daily life, fostering sustained growth and progress.

My integration coaching, in particular, serves as a beacon of support as you traverse non-ordinary states of consciousness such as those experienced during near death experiences, birthing experiences, meditation and more. This coaching helps you process and gain meaningful insights from these profound experiences, integrating them into your everyday consciousness and promoting extraordinary personal growth.

So, join me on this journey towards authenticity, structure, and inner growth. With hope lighting our path and compassion guiding our strides, let's undertake this journey of self-discovery and transformation together.

*Please note coaching services do not include diagnosis or clinical support for severe mental health concerns. Individuals may be referred to a licensed professional of a medical or mental health background if they are in need of clinically oriented care.

Buffy Curtis


Inner Pathfinder Creative Healing

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