I invite you to journey into the mystical realms of energy healing, I offer transformative sessions tailored to your individual needs. Sessions are provided in durations of 30, 45, or 60 minutes, with each moment designed to replenish and rejuvenate your energies.

To enrich your experience and awaken your senses, the energy healing sessions may be accentuated with resonating sounds, soothing aromas, and enchanting visuals. Each of these stimuli serves to amplify the energy healing process, creating a symphony of sensations to harmonize with your unique vibrational frequencies.

In some instances, I may create imagery as a conduit for conveying deeper messages and insights gleaned during your energy healing sessions. This provides another dimension to your healing journey, revealing layers of profound wisdom and understanding.

Your spiritual exploration may further be expanded through coaching or transcendental person-centered approaches. These modalities help to deepen your connection with your innermost self, harnessing the transformative power of spirituality.

Come, embark on this inspiring journey of energy healing. Let its hopeful whispers guide you deeper into understanding yourself, revealing the radiant essence that lies within, and leaving you feeling renewed, harmonious, and full of life.

Buffy Curtis


Inner Pathfinder Creative Healing

1259 5th street,
Sarasota, FL



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